“Every so often I’ll rock a Victor Menegaux edit. Dude knows how to throw just the right reinforcement on a track to beef it up, yet not totally take away from the original. He’s got a good ear… and I believe one good eye.”


“These gentlemen’s names appear frequently when I’m playing the kind of set that I myself would like to hear, the MP3s manipulated to pack the desired punch, with an eye to detail and a tip of the hat to creative programming.”

-Graham Funke

“Over the last decade, Victor’s role as a DJ/Producer has had a major influence on the music industry and has changed the game for future generations of aspiring DJs. As a DJ, I’ve used everything from his mixtapes to mashups, party breaks to edits, each with wildly successful results.

Bar Bangerz is great – straight forward and easy to navigate. The preview player is dope!!!”

-DJ Solarz

I have been spinning in dance clubs for the last 5 years and when my club converted to a bar I didn’t know what to do. Bar Bangerz has laced my crates with remixes and tunes that have saved my tail. I highly recommend to any DJ playing the bar scene!

-DJ Bogz

Three words… Clean, Crisp and Clear. I never have a doubt on the quality of the edits produced by Bar Bangerz. Solid editing makes all the difference and these guys got it.

-DJ Ryan Harris

Bar Bangerz, powered by Victor Menegaux and his team, will not disappoint your needs! If you’re not in the clubs every weekend and spin at the bars from time to time, Bar Bangerz is where it’s at. Victor and his crew has this special power-like ability to create the best tracks you could ever imagine putting together and make it work as well as they do! They have an excellent mashup section as well as a very organized genere list that goes back to the 60?s. Some bars tend to have an older crowd -nothing wrong with that if you have the right music – Bar Bangerz will make sure that you have the right music! There’s even a section for closing time!

-DJ FlyBoy

I have been a big fan of Mr. Menegaux & Phase for some years and when I first got my account I was like a kid in a candy store! All the great music on here has made my sets so much better in the last 2 months, I have had so many compliments on my sets. Every week they step it up and I always find myself saying “Why didnt I think of that!!” Nice work fellas!

-DJ Skoob

I love the site! The organization and the tracks are incredible!

-DJ Craig DiMarco Thomas

I dropped my membership to every other record pool in favor of Bar Bangerz. As a wedding DJ, I love the ReDrums – they are done so tastefully – a small bass boost but the integrity of the song isn’t jeopardized. Why wouldn’t you be a member of Bar Bangerz?

-DJ Tony Schwartz

So far I have played Bar Bangerz edits in the bar, school gigs, Halloween parties, and sporting events. It’s no joke when I say it’s the freshest edition to my tool kit in a long time.

-DJ Shmoo

What sets Bar Bangerz apart from other record pools is that these edits are actually useful not just in the club, but at private functions such as school gigs, sporting gigs and even weddings! DJ’ing for an old-school radio station, these edits are top notch for having a back catalog of ’60s classics! Clean editing, clean quality and even clean re-drums (that actually don’t overpower the song.) Cheers to the staff of Bar Bangerz for the work you guys put in your service!

-DJ Flashback

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